AKSC 604 - Εντοιχιζόμενη εστία
AKSC 604
60cm built-in hob
4 zones ceramic glass
3 different zone sizes
High – light heating elements
4 residual heat lamps
Hob combined with oven series AHE

Black / frameless



AKSC 604

Technical details

Technical details - AKSC 604


Cooking zones
Rear right:
Rear left:
Front right:
Front left:

220 - 230 V:

180mm - 1700 watt
145mm - 1200 watt
145mm - 1200 watt
210mm - 2100 watt

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Cleaning and maintenance of ovens
Prior to first use, clean possible production remainings (glues, oils etc). Remove side rails and trays and clean them with water and soap (ie dishwashing detergent).
Proceed to oven pre-heating and make sure that the room is well ventilated. The oven cavity can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Avoid the use of hard, alcalic and abrasive solutions/detergents.

Remember! Oven door is easily removed for better cleaning and access to oven's interior.

Possible problems
- The ovens doesn't function.
  • Check the fuse on the main power supply board.
  • Check the cable connection*.
  • Check if oven is set to manual operation.
  • Check if there is an automatic programme scheduled.

- Steams and vapours in the oven cavity.

  • Do not leave cooked food inside the oven for more than 15 minutes after finishing cooking.
  • Do not cut off power supply (from main electic board) to the appliance immediately after end of cooking. The tangential cooling motor remains in operation for a short of time.

- The electronic programmer doesn't function (where available).

  • Read the manual on the sector referred to electronic programmer
  • Check that time display is set
  • Check that automatic operation is not activated.