How can I find my model? You can easily locate the model of your appliance in one of the following ways:
a) on the appliance, on the label found:

- on ovens > opening the oven door, at the lower middle oven bottom. For more information click here

- on hobs > under the bottom frame of hob

- on cookerhoods > removing the metallic filters, in the internal body of the cookerhood. For more information click here

- on cookers > opening the bottom compartment/drawer

- on refrigerators > on the outside top on the left or right side

- on dishwashers > at the right side of the door when opened

b) in the manuals, and/or the label on the front of them

c) on the packaging, if still available.

d) on the receipt of purchase.

e) in the website exploring models and features.


Valuing the need for quick response to service requests, AKS takes care to provide spareparts for all its products by keeping a stock of more than 1500 core codes, available to serve immediately. Our Customer support department is always available to assisit on service matters and spareparts. For your better service, it is important to know the model of the appliance.

If you still have questions, you can contact us.

At a glance!
Spareparts orders

All spareparts are sold and dispatched from our offices.

You can order spareparts online (via email) or by phone.

Your order will be dispatched in 24 hours (work days) from confirmation.

Spareparts dispatch
Spareparts can be dispatched to any place of Greece with low cost in co-operation with a courier service.

Prior to the dispatch you will be informed for the total cost of posting.